THINKING ABOUT Make the Switch to an E Cigarette?

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THINKING ABOUT Make the Switch to an E Cigarette?

THINKING ABOUT Make the Switch to an E Cigarette?

What is an E Cigarette? Simply put, this is a new version of an E-Cigarette, that looks and works exactly like an actual cigarette. They’re available on the Internet and may be purchased for less than $20. However, if you undertake to smoke an E-Cigarette rather than regular cigarette, there are several things you need to know prior to making the switch.


E-Cigs are not regulated like traditional cigarettes along with other tobacco products. Therefore, the flavorings and additives may not be approved by the FDA. The flavoring ingredients can include fruit flavors, menthol, maple flavors and chocolate. As with other tobacco products, there is a growing body of evidence that presents that long-term nicotine use can result in cancer. The flavoring industry, therefore, have not taken any steps to mitigate this risk.

Like regular cigarettes, an e cigarette will release a flavored aerosol, or tar, into the air. However, they are inhaled by way of a water or oil pad which allows them to go straight into the lungs. This means that every puff is expelled from the lungs with the flavor as well. The tar and nicotine will stay in the user’s system, though. It takes about 2 hours for the tar to be completely expelled. The longer the smoker holds a cigarette, the more tar and nicotine will remain within their body.

Many smokers who have switched to an e cigarette recognize that they can still enjoy the taste of cigarette smoke. Though it doesn’t have nicotine, they still obtain the “hit” they would get from smoking. The only real difference is that rather than exhaling smoke, they breathe in vapor.

While many people see the selling point Element Vape of an e cigarette, they are afraid of the potential unwanted effects. After all, there are a huge selection of different chemicals and ingredients found in cigarettes. Nicotine itself is a chemical.

It is very important remember that these cigarette has been around for many years. It has long since replaced the traditional cigarettes. Many smokers have gone from regular cigarettes to an e cigarette. Even children who usually do not smoke regularly took to these new devices. They might be able to stay away from cigarettes all together because of the fact that they do not produce the same addictive properties as regular cigarettes.

Before a person decides to completely stop smoking, they should at least try an e cigarette. This will give them time and energy to see if they like it. If the smoker finds they do like the e cigarette, they may discover that they will continue to utilize them.

It’s important that smokers give me cigarettes an opportunity to work. They cannot quit cold turkey. This is simply not to say that they shouldn’t tell anyone concerning this cigarette. But, they must let their friends, family and co-workers know about it first. They can decide if they want to quit smoking or not. This will help everyone to comprehend how addictive this smoking habit truly is.

If the smoker tries it, they’ll experience how enjoyable it is to be puffing on an e cigarette. The e cigarette will mimic the specific feeling of smoking. Smokers won’t think that they’re actually smoking a cigarette.

If they light up the e cigarette, they are able to already tell that it is an a cigarette and not a regular cigarette. However, most of them will still want to smoke a cigarette. Once a smoker becomes familiar with puffing on an a cigarette, they may be able to go without. You can find so many great benefits to this newer kind of smoking. It does not take many people to make the switch, so there is absolutely no better time than right now to try e-cigs.

In addition to the health benefits, there are some social benefits to using an e cigarette. Smoking in public areas is a social faux pas for several years. A smoker will feel more comfortable when they know that they are not smoking a normal cigarette. This is also true for those who usually do not enjoy smoking.

It is easier to quit if a person is used to smoking an e cigarette. People who find themselves used to lighting up a normal cigarette may find it an excessive amount of to deal with. The e cigarette does not contain nicotine, so a smoker won’t have to worry about their body used to nicotine. Those who are used to smoking but trying an e cigarette may experience a few problems initially. They could start gagging from time to time or experience difficulty in stopping.

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